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Dr. Barry Sears

Hi Folks,

Who's the moderator of this group? I see that the Zone Perfect Site is linked on the info page as the web site for this group, but that's not the offical site of Dr. Barry Sears, the creator of the diet. His web site is http://www.drsears.com and his diet web site is http://www.zonediet.com. The icon the group is using is from his original book, Enter The Zone, so I thought this group would be about his work and theories, not the spin-offs.

I did the Zone back in 1994 when the book first came out, as part of a study in the physiology program at the university I was attending. I lost 14 pounds in six weeks, and my endurance increased dramatically. I also slept better than I ever had, and my moods were always calm and happy. I got to speak with many of Dr. Sears' associates, the doctors that worked with him.

Unfortuantely, I got lazy, and I haven't stuck with it, though I've been on and off it for these past 10 years. It really drives me crazy that people misrepresent this diet as high-protein or low-carb. It is higher in carbs than protein or fat, and while the percentage of protein is higher than the ADA diet, the amount of protein is the same! It's also extremely high in fruits and vegetables, if you actually eat the favorable carbs, and not the shakes/bars and other rip-offs. One thing I can say about this diet - it's the most food you can possibly stuff into 1200 calories. Just eat the favorable carbs, and you won't believe how much food there is.

How did the rest of you discover The Zone?
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i discovered this through my uncle. and you're right it is ALOT of food!
I feel good after being on it...
Well, I discovered the Zone one day while I was helping my cousin do some research for a project. I've always heard of the diet, but never really knew anything about it. Out of all the research we'd done on current diet fads, the Zone is what caught my interest the most simply because having balanced meals and snacks each day seemed sensible enough.

I was on it for maybe 3 months and lost 25lbs. Unfortunately I've sorta drifted since then, mostly because of a busy work and school schedule. Although I haven't gained any weight back, I've stayed relatively the same. I know I need to lose more though.

And I agree, I felt REALLY good when I was on it, and could certainly see a difference when I wasn't eating a "zoned" meal. I'm going to get back on track this month though.

And yeah, it drives me nuts when they call it a "low carb" diet. It's not low considering you do eat 10% more carbs than fats and proteins on this diet, and of course it's the GOOD carbs. I prefer to call it a "controlled carb" diet where you only eat enough of the right kinds of carbs. That's probably more fitting.
I heard about it a few years back and got the book, read it and gave it to someone! Then I woke up and smelled the coffee and said--Hey! I need that book back! I have have The Zone and Master the Zone. I have been doing okay, but just starting. I love the Zone bars--are they not as good as just eating favorable carbs? Do you have any advice or suggestions? Thanks--I just found this site, I will check out the ones you mentioned!