UU Mom (uu_mom) wrote in enterthezone,
UU Mom

Has everyone abandoned the Zone?

I've been pseudo on the Zone for several years. It did work as weight loss when I started and was on it strictly. It's a difficult diet, but it has taught me a lot about carbs. I have a candida problem which is considered pre-diabetic. My doctor says I'm been doing a great job of keeping my sugar level down - it used to be in the pre-diabetic range and now it's high normal. I credit this to the Zone.
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I'm back on the Zone after a couple of years off it due to too many complaints from my carb loving husband (I'd lost nearly 30kg). Since then I've regained 20kg and he's developed a belly and is much more open to the idea. I've been back on the Zone for 2 weeks. I haven't weighed myself yet but my clothes are already getting looser and I'm getting the increased alertness that comes for me with decreasing the carbs.
Congratulations! I'm sorry, I was away when you replied and just noticed the post. My goal right now is to keep my sugar down and to keep my waist no more than half my height. The weight could be better, but I have neurological health problems I'm dealing with and my weight is not too bad for my age.

I was a vegetarian for 30 years and went to eating poultry, but still no mammals. This past week I discovered chicken thighs! I accidentally picked them up instead of breasts, but oh, how yummy! I think it's only 1 more gram of fat (saturated, of course), but I think that's fine.

I while back I had carrots that I was afraid would go bad and I had guests coming, so I took a traditional carrot cake recipe and did a lot of substitution to make it somewhat balanced. My friends loved it, so I made some adjustments to make it more balanced and delicious. Are there any diet recipe contests? :-)