palmtree101 (palmtree101) wrote in enterthezone,

Newbie here!

Hello everybody, I just started the zone around 2-3 weeks ago and also started a fit-day diary just now.
Deciding that seeing it was 3:00pm I should have lunch I matched the contents of our pantry and fridge to make what now is my favourite zone lunch so far so here it is for anybody who wants to make it:

Bacon and egg salad with stir-fry side


-2 oz Canadian bacon, lean (2 Blocks Protein)
-1 whole egg (1 Block Protein)
-1 and a half c baby spinach (Negligible amount of Carbohydrate)
-3 almond stuffed olives, sliced (2 Blocks Fat)
-1/2 c mixed bean sprouts (1 Block Carbohydrate)
-1 and a half c onion, chopped (1 Block Carbohydrate)
-4 c mushrooms, sliced (1 Block Carbohydrate)
-1/3 c water-chestnuts, sliced (1 Block Carbohydrate)
-1 t soy sauce (-)
-1t lemon juice (-)
-Dressing (1/3t olive oil, 1 T vinegar, dash of garlic & herb mix, salt and pepper) (1 Block Fat)

Cook the bacon and egg (I microwaved them), slice and mix with spinach, bean sprouts, olives and dressing. There's your salad.
Fry together the onions, mushrooms, water-chestnuts, soy sauce and lemon juice until cooked and serve next to the salad.

Yum Yum!
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